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Guru Nanak Khalsa College
Daroli Kalan, Jalandhar
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Important Info
Teej was celebrated on 14th august2018
Swachh Bharat Summer Internship programme is running in our college whose objective is to engage the youth and develop their skill and orientation for sanitation related work in villages


Youth Club

Youth Welfare Department has set up a unit of the Youth Club in the college by the state. Students interested in cultural activities can become a member of the youth club. Department time to inculcate discipline and students’ interest of social welfare in the Youth Leadership Camp are imposed. Students participating in these camps is a good leader and social reformer training. Monitoring of this club and led pradhiapaka charge.

literature meetings

English, Hindi, and English literature to promote the literary interests of students are set up meetings. Students can also become a member of a body according to your interest.

College Magazine

Pugarade student is published to promote the literary interests of writers, the courage to sign their works and writings, the annual literary magazine single section of the College to give the right direction. Patiraka is divided into English, Hindi, English, religious and business sections. Each part of the editor is a student teacher works Pvt editing patiraka under the supervision of editor. Good work of student writers in each section is the prize every year.

Bebe Nanki Service Society

Related Pvt. Teachers under the supervision of the Society religious and social functions. The three basic principles of the Sikh faith, labor, japo Wand kay Shako the original objective to be an integral part of the personality of students, society.

College library

Plays a college library an important role to meet the educational needs of students. College library books related to various topics. There are also optional padaravari weekly, monthly, tri-held monthly, and also provide the students with an annual magazine and daily newspapers. Books submitted a withdrawal rules are recorded in the identity card. Excellent library reading room is equipped with complete facilities.

Library rules

1. open Library to be closed since the opening of the college.
2. The books will be registered on the library card.
3. reference books, research and general magazines, and newspapers will not be issued on the identification card, it is strictly prohibited to take out of the library.
4. book for the library students can hold a maximum of 14 days.
5. Book 1 rupee per head in the case of the book, will be fined per day.
6. When librarians can order someone feels the need to book.
7. Students from the book will receive due amount plus penalties, including a new book or library rules in the event of bad or missing.
8. strictly prohibited to put any mark on any book.
9. If a student is missing library Diary Diary of losing him will be responsible for following any other books on her diary soon have to inform librarians quickly.
10. book reading room students must maintain a climate of peace.
11. When students enter the library must have an identity card.
12. books are provided for all years of the course of library books to the poor students. This book will have to request the principal entrance.
13. must accompany each student certificate of no outstanding books of the library before leaving or changing college and take the exam roll number of university librarians.