Minutes of Meeting of IQAC Held on 23 April 2018 – Guru Nanak Khalsa College
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Teej was celebrated on 14th august2018
Swachh Bharat Summer Internship programme is running in our college whose objective is to engage the youth and develop their skill and orientation for sanitation related work in villages

Minutes of Meeting of IQAC Held on 23 April 2018

Venue: Principal Office 

Time: 2.30 P.m.


  1. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting.
  2. Discussion on NAAC peer team report.
  3. Changes in feedback questionnaire.
  4. Review of plan to increase enrolment of students in the next academic session.

The meeting was called to order by the chairman.

Item 1:The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed unanimously. The house placed on record its appreciation of the college NAAC co-ordination  committee for doing an excellent job of preparing the SSR, College  presentation and hosting the NAAC pear team successfully. The member of Mgt.  Committee lauded the staff members and students for getting ‘B’ grade in Assessment and accreditation.

Item 2: The Secretary, Prof. Devinder Singh tabled the report of the NAAC Pear Team presented in their exit meeting. The shortcomings pointed therein were discussed threadbare and suggestions for improvement were made.

Item 3: On the recommendation of Prof. Rachna Tuli the question in the feedback form were revised/ changed in order to make it more analytical and comprehensive. It was decided that the new feedback form be printed immediately and got filled form the outgoing students by the next week.

Item 4: The fall in the enrolment of students every year was the main point flagged by the NAAC per team. All the members expressed their grave concern on the matter. It was decided that an all-out effort be made to canvass in our feeding area. If need be the teachers would be asked to forego a part of their summer vacation and devote the same towards canvassing.

Item 5: Keeping in view the persistent complaint of the students against the canteen contractor, it was decided not to renew his contract further and invite bids form new contractors.

Item 6: The two-year term of the present IQAC has come to an end. On the recommendation of the principal, it was unanimously passed to extend the tenure of the present IQAC for another two years. Only the student represented would be replaced.

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks.