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Vacation rules on penalties

Vacation rules on penalties
1. All students must attend college and head straight. Rs 2 in the event of non-attendance. Per period will be fine.
2. According to the university rules are practical, including at least 75% of absence must complete various works different in each subject.
3. medical certificate is required to apply for leave of the disease.
4. All applications for leave will be taken on only a certain form that can be obtained from the college office.
5. Examination of the winter, will accept all the holiday principal Sahib followed before seasonal summer holiday in between.
6. usually will be accepted based on the three days off tutor Temple recommended.
7. requires teachers to take time off for a few piriadam.
8. that no college would attend conducted non-sanctioned holiday more than 10 days without a student’s name will be taken off. Students 100 / – Rs. Can re-admission.
Way of trimming the name of the college
1. College of all payments made after the student must write an application for trimming name, which must be the father / guardian’s signature play.
2. After sending the entrance examination of the University College in the event of a breach of discipline, which can be reversed by the name of a student, the principal application form. Any notice of the student or his father / guardian will be given.

Monitor system
All college students are divided into different groups. Professor monitor each group has one observer (tutor). Each group tutor in this system is a fixed day every week. Monitor opinion of his students are given the most importance.
Adampur to college students arrange bus transportation. This functionality can be contacted for office.
Students enrolled in the college will be created in the College Code of Conduct.
1. Students will be attendance and punctuality.
2. Students will maintain discipline in the college campus and class.
3. Students will peace prevail in the library and college.
4. The student’s behavior must be respect for teachers.
5. Notice notice imposed on the board is important for students to read.
6. Students sit out during his free period, just sit in the library or common room.
7. College is forbidden beyond absurd writing on the walls, black boards.