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Teej was celebrated on 14th august2018
Swachh Bharat Summer Internship programme is running in our college whose objective is to engage the youth and develop their skill and orientation for sanitation related work in villages



Paper Subject

Paper-I Introducation to Programming C-I
Paper-II Introduction of Computers and Information Technology
Paper-III Mathematical Foundation of Computer ScienceI
Paper-IV Communication Skills-I (Th. 35+Pr.15)
Paper-V Punjab/Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi) (Compulsory)
Paper-VI Practical (MS Office 2010 and Basic C Programming)


Paper Subject

Paper-I Introducation to Programming C-II
Paper-II Principles of Digital Electronics
Paper-III Numerical Methods & Statistical Techniques
Paper-IV Communication Skills-II (Th. 35+Pr.15)
Paper-V Punjab/Basic Punjabi (Mudhli Punjabi) (Compulsory)
Paper-VI Practical-I (Advanced C Programming)


Paper Subject

Paper-I Computer Architecture
Paper-II Database Management System & Oracle
Paper-III C++ (OPP Language)
Paper-IV Environmental Studies-I (Compulsory)
Paper-V Programming Lab – C++
Paper-VI Programming Lab-Oracle


Paper Subject

Paper-I Data Structure & File Processing
Paper-II Information Systems
Paper-III Internet Applications
Paper-IV System Software
Paper-V Environmental Studies-II (Compulsory)
Paper-VI Lab- Data Structures implementation using C++
Paper-VII Lab-Web Designing and use of Internet


Paper Subject

Paper-I Computer Networks
Paper-II Web Techonolgies ASP. NET
Paper-III Operating System
Paper-IV Lab based on Java Programming Language
Paper-V Lab based on Operating System : Operational
Knowledge of UNIX/LINUX/WINDOWS 2003


Paper Subject

Paper-I Computer Graphics
Paper-II Software Engineering
Paper-III Lab. Implementation of Application of Computer
Graphic in C++/C
Paper-IV Project